De la mano hacia el futuro | Benjamín Aguilar León | [email protected]

De la mano hacia el futuro | Benjamín Aguilar León | TEDxYouth@Polanco

La mejor forma de convertirse en un inventor es desarmar y preguntarse cómo funciona todo, esto te puede llevar a construir un mejor futuro, y ayudar a las personas, como lo hizo conmigo, algo como desarmar un carro de control, la motivación de mi familia, en especial mi madre y comentarios de amigos me llevaron a crear prótesis mioeléctricas para personas con discapacidades.
Benjamín Aguilar León is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. He studied elementary school in Article 123 where he created his first robot.

He went to high school in CBTis No. 26 where he discovered another of his great passions besides making robots, karate, which inspired him to make robots with he competed in Robomatrix for 2 consecutive years. he didn’t obtained places in the medal table in robotics, but in karate he got a 3rd place in Central Americans, despite this he continued to develop robots as his greatest passion and was in 5th. Semester of high school when he began to develop a myoelectric prosthesis called BIOARM. When he entered the university at the National Polytechnic Institute, he continued to develop the prosthesis, which generated a second version called BAIROM and which is still under development to date. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at