Man turns tragedy into motivation to help others – FOX 5 Atlanta

– Christopher Glenn was left with a traumatic brain injury after getting hit by a drunk driver.  Glenn has now turned his tragedy into motivation to help others through a non-profit called The Bottle Share. 

Christopher Glenn was the bar manager at Dry County Brewing Company in Kennesaw.  January 6, 2018, he closed up and was heading home when he was hit by a drunk driver. It’s been almost a year.  Glenn can’t work, can’t drive, and every day struggles with a traumatic brain injury. But he’s alive.

“My main focus is healing and I find the purest form of healing thru what is now my purpose, and that is now The Bottle Share,” said Glenn. 

The Bottle Share helps anyone in the brewery, distillery or winery industries who has run into extreme hardship preventing them from earning a living.  Any brewery can come up with a special brew dedicated to the non-profit.  Restaurants can buy a keg and sell it at their establishments or patrons can get a cold one at the bar and all proceeds go to the non-profit. 

When Marc Sablowski is behind the bar at Dry County Brewing Company and serves up a tall glass of the dedicated ale, he serves it with a story. 
“I try to put Chris’s story into a glass so whey they drink it they’ll think about what The Bottle Share is all about,” said Sablowski. 

The non-profit just started a few months ago and is already making a difference.  Christopher Glenn can see it and now he just wants it to grow even bigger to h3elp as many people as he can. 

“If someone offered me the opportunity to go back and avoid the wreck. Or take the hit, and suffer all the symptoms and maybe you’ll save someone’s life through your story. 
I’d take the hit a thousand times over,” said Glenn.

Find out more about the non-profit through their website,