Scholar Athletes: Pegoda twins use sibling rivalry as motivation in the classroom and on the field – WLOX

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – Over the years, the Pegoda twins have been two of Biloxi High School’s best and brightest students on the pitch and in the classroom, and they credit each other for the constant motivation.

“All throughout our childhood, we have motivated each other to be better and better, and that is really what has made us as good as we are today,” Luke said.

While he was referring to soccer, their sibling rivalry also extends into the classroom.

“After every term, we always compare report cards, but mine are usually better, most of the time,” Mitchell said.

When you ask the two who is smarter, they both say themselves, and it’s the same answer for who is better on the field. While neither was able to admit the other was better while on camera, once separated, they each complemented the other.

“I’ve always looked up to him and how smart he is,” Luke said.

His younger brother, of course, returned the compliment.

“He always picks me up when I’m down or feeling like I’m not at my best. He always pushes me,” Mitchell said.

Both of the Pegodas also credited their families for instilling the values of hard work and determination, and their methods obviously get results. They are both inside the top ten in their class rank, and their hard work has helped push the Indians into the playoffs.

Their coach Randall Molsbee was quick to sing their praises.

“These are the type of boys that if you had a daughter, you’d want your daughter dating. If you had a son, you’d want him to be just like them. They are just dependable guys, rock solid,” Molsbee said.

The brothers’ career plans will take them to different schools come August. As Luke plans to study dentistry at Ole Miss, Mitchell plans to study engineering at Mississippi State. However, they both know they will always have each other’s backs.

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